Dr. Lauren

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Dr. Lauren McHenry

Dr. Lauren is a south metro native! She grew up in Farmington, MN. She was active in volleyball, basketball, track and weight lifting while attending Farmington High School. Lauren has always been interested in health and fitness so she continued her schooling at Winona State University to be an Athletic Trainer.  

At Winona State, she cared for athletes by diagnosing injuries, working with athletes on injury prevention, educating patients on rehabilitation exercises and returning them to play.  Her main focus was to keep her athletes in their sport, healthy and injury free! 

Dr. Lauren fell in love with becoming healthy herself while going through school. She joined CrossFit and 2 years later she became a Level One CrossFit Coach. She coached for over four years. During those years she coached kiddos and adults of all ages. 

After graduating from Winona State University she continued her passion at Northwestern Health Sciences University to get her Doctorate in Chiropractic. 

Her passions include the following;


She love kids! One of her biggest passions is working with kiddos. She is currently working at finishing my diplomat with the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. This program requires 900+ hours of extra knowledge to better serve our kiddos. 

             Prenatal - Dr. Lauren is Webster Certified 

Prenatal care is also a huge passion in our clinic, and holds a special place in her heart. Child birth is an amazing creation and the female body is unique in so many ways. Helping moms body to prepare for birth is a great experience and she enjoys being part of it.


She enjoys any sport and she wants you to experience your full potential whether you are an Olympic athlete or a weekend warrior! She's cared for all patients within these areas and everything in-between!  

Dr. Lauren has training in; Rock Tape, Cupping Technique, Graston  and Webster Certification. 

Dr. Lauren loves the family based community at HealthPro Chiropractic and is excited to serve her community! 

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